Mass Tort & Class Action Services

SPI has provided comprehensive settlement services for multi-claimant actions for years.

From Concierge Services providing high-touch services directly to claimants to our deep expertise in the creation and administration of Qualified Settlement Funds, SPI shoulders the responsibility for helping make your clients whole again, letting you focus on what you do best.

Qualified Settlement Funds

Avoid stress caused by the end-of-case rush to distribute settlement funds to clients and collect your fee. By using a Qualified Settlement Fund, the defendant is removed from the settlement planning process and you and your clients are paid in full to an interest bearing account. A QSF buys time for your clients to properly plan their settlements and preserve their benefit eligibility. It also enables you to structure or defer your fees.

SPI is skilled at creating court-approved QSF trusts and accounts and establishing a streamlined process for their administration, no matter how large your claimant pool may be.

Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance for Plaintiffs

Protect your clients’ settlement dollars and way of life. Protect yourself and your firm from problems. SPI offers the BEST IN CLASS Medicare Secondary Payer compliance and Medicare Set-Aside services in the settlement industry, with a distinct plaintiff bias.

By law, Medicare is a secondary payer when a Medicare-eligible victim receives a settlement. Depending on the cost of care your client may have already received and the size of the settlement, Medicare could take up to the entire settlement amount as reimbursement, leaving nothing for your client. This scenario is a liability nightmare for plaintiffs’ attorneys. SPI’s The Plaintiff’s MSA and Lien Solution has the strategies and techniques to protect you and your firm.

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