Settlement Pro's Podcast



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The Settlement Pro’s Podcast

A Podcast Highlighting the Top Trial Lawyers and Settlement Experts in America

Intro) Jack Meligan & Joe Calentino: Settlement Professionals Inc. | Settlement Services

Ep. 1) Tom D’Amore: D’Amore Law Group | Oregon & Washington Personal Injury Attorney

Ep. 2) Steve Piucci: Piucci Law Trial Lawyers | Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer

Ep. 3) Keith Dozier: Wm. Keith Dozier Trial Attorney | Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

Ep. 4) Robert Beatty-Waters: Law Office of Robert Beatty-Walters  | Oregon & Washington Medical Malpractice Litigation

Ep. 5) Mark Bocci: Inner Circle Member | Oregon Trial Lawyer and Mediator

Ep. 6) Coming Soon…