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Ep. 006 | Ryan Heath: Arizona Trial Lawyer

In this captivating episode of the Settlement Pros Podcast, host Jack Meligan sits down with Ryan Heath, the President and CEO of The Gavel Project, an Arizona-based anti-woke nonprofit legal organization dedicated to protecting American freedoms. As a constitutional expert, civil rights activist, and skilled legal strategist, Ryan shares his journey from a tumultuous youth to becoming a formidable advocate for parents and children’s rights. This episode is a deep dive into the intersection of law, personal conviction, and the fight for justice in today’s politically charged landscape.

Ryan’s story is one of resilience and transformation. From his early days grappling with ADHD and substance abuse, Ryan’s path to law was unconventional yet deeply inspiring. His work with The Gavel Project, alongside his private practice, Heath Law PLLC, reflects a commitment to challenging overreach and advocating for the underdog. This conversation explores Ryan’s perspectives on current legal battles, the importance of constitutional rights, and his innovative approaches to litigating cases that sit at the heart of America’s most pressing civil liberties issues.

Connect with Ryan Heath at: https://www.thegavelproject.com/

Or connect further with Jack at: https://settlepro.com

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