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“Jack Meligan and his fellow professionals at SPI stand alone in settlement planning and structuring settlement dollars for my clients. They work with plaintiffs and plaintiffs only and have been leaders in advancing the art and providing protection for those who need it most. SPI has my unqualified recommendations and endorsement.”
Mark R. Bocci, Esq.
Member, Inner Circle of Advocates
"Jack Meligan and his office staff were very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful. All of my options were thoroughly explained. A lot of time and effort was put into ensuring adequate funding for my daughter’s college education. Jack Meligan was always available when he was needed. He always listened, was supportive and understood.”
Personal Injury Victim from Phoenix, Arizona
“When it comes to structured settlements, and more importantly, settlement planning for our clients, our trust in Jack Meligan and his SPI team is 100 percent.”
J.R. Crockett & Rich Myers, Esqs.
The Law Office of Crockett & Myers
“Jack is always helpful, professional and committed to doing the very best possible for our clients on many different occasions.”
Michael A. Greene
Rosenthal & Greene, P.C. (Portland, Oregon)
“Settlement Professionals Inc. is the best in the business. Jack and his team will truly give the advice that best benefits your clients, often to their own economic detriment. They truly care. All that said, Jack needs to work on his slice — it’s atrocious!”
Jeff Foote, Esq.
Past President, Oregon Trial Lawyers Past President, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice (TLPJ)
"Jack Meligan sincerely cares about us. He's a wonderful person with an excellent business. I'm sure it's because he really cares about people and knows his job. He's good. I would always recommend Settlement Professionals to anyone."
Personal Injury Victim from Manteca, California
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