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Receiving Payments And Benefits You Deserve

Receiving payments and benefits you are entitled to can be challenging. Look no further. Our experts can help navigate these challenges to make sure you receive what you deserve.

Payments To Foreign Nationals

It can be difficult for settlement recipients residing outside of the U.S. to receive the settlement payments due to them. SPI’s arrangement with a cash card provider solves a variety of payment problems facing recipients of structured annuity benefits who live outside of the U.S., or who are non-residents and do not maintain a U.S. domiciled bank account.

The process to have benefits paid via direct deposit to a cash card is identical to the process an insurance company requires in order to direct deposit benefits to a standard bank checking account. Furthermore, use of the card and associated fees are similar, often identical, to that of a standard credit/debit card. This is a 21st century, no-cost service available to SPI clients.

Government Benefits Review

Personal injury victims may be eligible for a number of state and federal benefit programs. Not receiving benefits yet? SPI can help you identify appropriate, available assistance programs that may provide support during your case and then after settlement. These benefit programs can coordinate with a personalized settlement plan, promoting financial stability and quality of life.

PPACA Advice

Do you need to obtain health insurance? The Affordable Care Act of 2010, also known as Obamacare, has had far-reaching implications for consumers of healthcare across the United States. From the elimination of exclusions for pre-existing conditions to the expansion of Medicaid eligibility, SPI’s Affordable Care Act experts can help you get the coverage you need.

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“Settlement Professionals Inc. is the best in the business. Jack and his team will truly give the advice that best benefits your clients, often to their own economic detriment. They truly care. All that said, Jack needs to work on his slice — it’s atrocious!”

Jeff Foote, Esq.

Past President, Oregon Trial Lawyers Past President, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice (TLPJ)

“Jack Meligan and his fellow professionals at SPI stand alone in settlement planning and structuring settlement dollars for my clients. They work with plaintiffs and plaintiffs only and have been leaders in advancing the art and providing protection for those who need it most. SPI has my unqualified recommendations and endorsement.”

Mark R. Bocci, Esq.

Member, Inner Circle of Advocates

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