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Special Needs Trusts

An injury can leave you and your family facing a variety of special needs. That is where a Special Needs Trust (SNT) can help. An SNT is a trust that is specifically for beneficiaries who have physical or mental disabilities. This trust allows beneficiaries to enjoy the use of the property held in trust for their benefit, while preserving their eligibility for means-tested government assistance programs like SSI and Medicaid. SPI partners with Capital First Trust Company, one of the country’s most experienced Special Needs Trust companies, on every SNT. Capital First Trust company manages all settlement proceeds put into an SNT, and is responsible for carefully investing the funds. Acting as trustee, they also accept responsibility for the distribution of funds according to the trust document’s guidelines.

For an overview of what a Special Needs Trust can pay for, please click on the link below:
Special Needs Trusts: The Trustee’s Perspective

Settlement Preservation Trusts

Sadly, many personal injury settlements do not last more than five years. Unexpected expenses, overspending, and ‘too-good-to-be-true’ investments are all scenarios that can exhaust a settlement before it fully meets your needs. However, this doesn’t have to happen to you.

A Settlement Preservation Trust (SPT), with a professional acting as trustee, or as co-trustee along with a family member, can ensure that your settlement proceeds are carefully managed to last as long as your needs.

SPI partners with Capital First Trust Company, one of the country’s most experienced Settlement Preservation Trust companies, on every SPT. A Capital First Trust Company SPT offers a range of distribution methods, and competitive features, benefits and advantages that are customized to you and your specific needs.

Interested in a Special Needs Trust or a Settlement Preservation Trust? Give us a call at 503-699-8929 or 800-666-5584 to get started.

Personal Support And Straight Talk

Being an injury victim and going through the experience of obtaining a settlement or verdict can be confusing and overwhelming. However, having a professional settlement planner from SPI at your side can help.

We have years of experience in personal injury claim settlements and the legal process, helping injury victims just like you. Our expertise and straight talk will make it easier for you to feel confident about your case and your settlement.

Call us at 800-666-5584 to discuss your unique facts and circumstances, and where your case is at in the settlement process.

Life Care Plan Funding Analysis

A Life Care Plan (LCP) considers all of your injury-related needs for the rest of your life. SPI settlement planners are experts at providing a written funding analysis for all or a portion of your LCP, like attendant care. Our funding analysis will provide you and your attorney with the lump sum cost in today’s dollars, for all of your medical needs that the LCP has identified. This has value when you need to determine whether the defendant’s offer to settle your case is enough to cover your future needs.

To receive a funding analysis of your LCP, email us at

Injury & Rehab Concierge Services

Navigating the legal system, government benefit providers and healthcare practitioners can seem like an overwhelming task. Don’t go it alone. SPI’s concierge service specifically helps personal injury victims make sense of their situation and make progress toward their recovery. We’ll help identify providers, make appointments and check in with you to keep you and your care on track.

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