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You are a personal injury victim. The last thing you need to worry about is replacing your income to take care of your family as well as yourself. Look no further. Our core focus is our signature Settlement Planning Process, which helps plaintiffs and claimants like you meet their financial needs and goals through comprehensive and holistic planning. Creating resources that will last for the rest of your life. For more on this and other ways we can help you, take a look at the sections below.

Settlement Planning

Planning for individuals who have received damages in a personal injury case is more than pushing a product. Settlement Professionals Inc.’s holistic approach is to help you identify and then provide for your needs, goals and concerns.

Our process considers income replacement, debt reduction, casualty protection, asset placement and management, home purchase or adaptation, education funding, wills and estate planning and coordination with Social Security and other benefit programs.

Personalized exclusively for you and your circumstances, our plans consider multiple funding options in concert with, or in lieu of, a traditional structured settlement annuity contract. These include: 

Structured Settlement Annuity Advice

Ensuring that the implementation of a structured settlement annuity serves your best interests requires a deep understanding of the best uses and the pros and cons of periodic payment annuities.

Even before negotiations between you and the defendant begin, SPI analyzes annuity products and providers in order to prepare you and your attorney with all the information that you need to evaluate this important option.

When structured settlements are embedded into settlement offers, we provide assistance to evaluate defendants’ plans and offers and, when applicable, negotiate, design and implement a stream of payments to better meet your needs.

To get the best result for your annuity, contact us at

Secondary Market Payment Streams (SMPS)

Secondary Market Payment Streams offer above-average returns, generating more income than structured settlement annuities or other fixed income investments. That’s really important these days, with interest rates lingering near record lows. How?

Victims involved in legal claims for personal injury often receive a structured settlement, generating regular, fixed payments over several years and/or lump sums at predetermined times from an annuity.

These “existing annuitants” sometimes choose to convert some or all of their guaranteed future income into cash now. To do so, they assign their rights to future annuity payments at a discount to a purchaser in the “secondary market.”

That’s where SPI comes in. We work with you and your attorney to search for the SMPS that fits your needs, then we handle all the details.

Interested? Call us at 800-666-5584.

Fixed Index Annuities

Want to avoid stock market downturns, yet have an opportunity to make better than just a guaranteed three or four percent return? The Balanced Choice Annuity from Athene, with its patented Balanced Allocation Strategy, provides you with the opportunity for long-term accumulation without the downside risks associated with investing directly in the stock market.

This can be a great retirement savings vehicle. Specifically, it guarantees that your premium and the interest credited to your contract can never be lost in market downturns. The Balanced Choice Annuity can also be used to create an almost immediate, lifetime income.

Contact us at to get started.

Investment Management

SPI also offers investment management services with a difference through a separate division known as Settlement Capital Advisors (SCA), a registered investment advisor. SCA approaches investing with a long-term, conservative perspective designed to help you keep, and grow, your money.

SCA understands the unique challenges personal injury victims face, so they offer their services at affordable prices that are straightforward. For more information about pricing, contact SCA at 503-699-8929 or 800-666-5584.

Managed Accounts: SPI manages an investment portfolio comprised exclusively of blue chip, dividend-paying stocks. To clarify, these are equity investments in some of the largest, most successful companies in the world. Supported by insights from SPI’s investment analysts, SCA manages the portfolio for conservative long-term growth until you need to begin using your money.

Term Insurance

SPI insurance specialists and partners provide instantaneous online life insurance quotes, with phone support when needed. We carry the TOP 60 highest-rated, most cost-competitive life insurance companies in the nation.

In addition, we specialize in placing cases that have medical issues or that others consider high risk. This is something you just won’t find anywhere else.

To receive a quote or enlist us to place your case, contact us at or reach out to us by phone by calling 800-666-5584.

Long-Term Care Coverage

If quality of life is important to you and your family, you need to look into Long-Term Care Coverage. Here’s why:

  1. The average cost of a nursing home care facility is about $200 per day —that’s over $70,000 per year.
  2. 50% of all couples are poor within one year of entering a nursing home facility.
  3. Medicare and health insurance do not pay the cost of a nursing home facility.
  4. Adult children may be called upon to assist aged parents with care needs to avoid Medicaid.

For most Americans, the probability of needing extended care is real. Medicare and health insurance do not cover the cost of the housing and food at a facility. If an individual can’t pay for extended care, Medicaid (a state and federal funded program) may step in.

Before you decide to depend on Medicaid, let us help you explore the possible benefits of Long-Term Care Coverage. Contact us at

Umbrella Liability Policies

Protect your settlement assets from claims over and above your existing homeowner, renter and/or automobile coverage. When appropriate, we may recommend an umbrella policy. Particularly, to make sure you get the coverage you need at a competitive price.

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“When it comes to structured settlements, and more importantly, settlement planning for our clients, our trust in Jack Meligan and his SPI team is 100 percent.”

J.R. Crockett & Rich Myers, Esqs.

The Law Office of Crockett & Myers

“Settlement Professionals Inc. is the best in the business. Jack and his team will truly give the advice that best benefits your clients, often to their own economic detriment. They truly care. All that said, Jack needs to work on his slice — it’s atrocious!”

Jeff Foote, Esq.

Past President, Oregon Trial Lawyers Past President, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice (TLPJ)

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