Our SPI Team

SettlePro Team Members

Our SPI team is made up of some of the most respected pioneers and experts in the plaintiff-loyal settlement industry. Additionally, our MSA experts are at the leading edge of the industry.

Position: Chairman of SPI Holdings, Inc. and President of Settlement Professionals, Inc. of Oregon
Location: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 800-666-5584
Position: SVP, In House Counsel, SPI Holdings, Inc. and Settlement Planner & Settlement Guardian ad Litem, Settlement Professionals, Inc. of Washington
Location: Seattle, Washington
Phone: 425-497-8000
Position: Director of Planning
Location: Easton, PA
Phone: 866-596-1637
Position: President, SPI Mass Torts Division and Settlement Planner, Settlement Professionals, Inc. of Arizona
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: 480-478-0183
Position: President of SPI, Director of Insurance
Location: Charleston County, South Carolina
Phone: 843-872-6457
Position: Office Manager
Location: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 800-666-5584
Position: Structures Associate
Location: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 800-666-5584
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