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Settlement Professionals, Inc. (SPI) works with many of the country’s most successful personal injury trial attorneys. Above all, we develop settlement strategies and solutions that put your clients’ long-term interests first. But that’s not all.

Our comprehensive “plan first-then product” approach also helps protect you from potential liability. Providing victim services and advice that fulfill the highest standards for attorney duty-of-care.

Interested in attorney fee deferral, or investment management? We’ve also got that covered.

In fact, in addition to trusting us with their clients’ settlements and related financial and care issues, many personal injury trial attorneys choose SPI for our industry-leading Attorney Financial Services. Browse below to learn more about these and other services we also offer to you.

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“Jack Meligan sincerely cares about us. He’s a wonderful person with an excellent business. I’m sure it’s because he really cares about people and knows his job. He’s good. I would always recommend Settlement Professionals to anyone.”


Personal Injury Victim from Manteca, California

“Jack is always helpful, professional and committed to doing the very best possible for our clients on many different occasions.”

Michael A. Greene

Rosenthal & Greene, P.C. (Portland, Oregon)

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