We grow net settlements and government benefits.

We protect law firms from liability and defer taxes on legal fees.

Many of us have personal stories of injuries and lawsuits. We know the path ahead of you, and we’ve been preparing for your case for over 30 years.

About SPI Group

We started SPI in 1987 with a mission – to wrench control of settlements back from defendants. With that, plaintiffs can save more on taxes, earn more from subsidized investments, and receive more in government benefits.

We pioneered the “plaintiff-only focus” in the settlement planning community.

Learn more about our comprehensive settlement planning circle of services.

Our planning process is meant to be holistic, addressing each plaintiff’s many needs, and maximizing their eligibility and receipt of government benefits.
As Medicare issues of liability and access became more complicated, we founded our affiliate The Plaintiff’s MSA and Lien Solution (PMLS). PMLS routinely increases client benefits by tens of thousands and substantially reduces lien. We work together to protect each plaintiff’s financial future.
To serve our clients’ complex mix of financial needs, we founded our affiliate Settlement Capital Advisors (SCA). SCA manages specialized investment portfolios for lawyers and for clients with large life-time recoveries.

We will earn your trust quickly. And keep it.

Jack Meligan
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"When it comes to structured settlements, and more importantly, settlement planning for our clients, our trust in Jack Meligan and his SPI team is 100 percent."

Areas of Expertise

Planning is much more than recommending the right investments. Our holistic approach provides for your many future needs. To do so, we match what you need with the resources available.

With our affiliate PMLS consulting, we reduce your liability to Medicare and increase your future coverage. We regularly avoid the need for Medicare Set-Aside accounts.

Plaintiffs can save taxes by allocating, excluding, recharacterizing, deducting, and structuring. Trusts offer more options. Insurance and investment providers more still. We know them all.

Advocacy & Rehab Services​

The lawsuit process is almost always a new and overwhelming experience. We’re here to help make sure you understand and get the answers you need. In the meantime, we’ll make sure you get the care you need.

The nature of contingent fees gives trial lawyers access to tax-advantaged investment options. Think of a super-charged IRA. We specialize in maximizing your benefits. The earlier you start, the more you can do.

After more than 30 years of advising trial lawyers, we know where the pot holes are. We’ve partnered with malpractice experts to provide the knowledge and templates you need to protect your firm.

More Expertise

The Plaintiff Community

We stand with plaintiffs and those who help them.

We lobby for plaintiffs’ rights. We support organizations doing the same. And we partner with institutions to create products for their benefit.

We seek plaintiffs’ opportunity to resume their lives of dignity and purpose. Neither defendant nor government typically provide plaintiffs everything needed to fully recover. We strive to extract every last benefit and make it provide more and for longer.

Plaintiff families have been turned upside down by injury and tragedy. They have suffered and they may be taking on new responsibilities. Good planning can significantly increase their ability to help the injured and the whole family. For example, involving them in the settlement and benefit applications can increase the net settlement.

Lawyers have varied interests to protect – we specialize in getting the most for both plaintiff and lawyer.

  • We guard for plaintiffs’ financial risks and opportunities. Count on us to identify them and execute.
  • We grow your financial future. We know every investment path, and you have good options.
  • We know your ethical duties. We’ve partnered with experts to help you protect your firm.

We advise advisors. In fact, we founded the Society of Settlement Planners, a nationwide organization dedicated to educating plaintiffs’ settlement planners. We can introduce you to every trusted service provider and help you best serve your clients. Bring us in and we’ll make you look good.

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"Settlement Professionals Inc. is the best in the business. Jack and his team will truly give the advice that best benefits your clients, often to their own economic detriment. They truly care."

Call for a Complimentary Case Triage

We’ll flag every issue and tell you how we’d solve it.

If you’re drafting a complaint we’ll tell you what claims and damages will reduce taxes in a future settlement. If you’re negotiating with defense we’ll increase your leverage and protect the plaintiff.

Every case has opportunities to increase the net settlement. We’ll identify them, then talk you through what to do next. We asked long-time client Mark Bocci (Inner Circle of Advocates) to describe us and our typical case triage.

We are available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST



“Jack Meligan and his fellow professionals at SPI stand alone in settlement planning and structuring settlement dollars for my clients. They work with plaintiffs and plaintiffs only and have been leaders in advancing the art and providing protection for those who need it most. SPI has my unqualified recommendations and endorsement.”
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