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Ep. 005 | Mark Bocci: Oregon Trial Lawyer

Mark Bocci


Jack Meligan sits down with Oregon Trial Lawyer and Mediator, Mark R. Bocci, out of Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Mark Bocci is a certified Settle Pro on Jack’s Settlement Pro’s list of top trial lawyers.Bocci has dedicated his practice to representing people harmed by the negligence of others in personal injury, medical malpractice, professional negligence, and product defect lawsuits. He is a tireless advocate on behalf of his clients and has had the honor of standing beside many of them as justice was finally delivered. A recipient of many prestigious professional honors and awards, Mark Bocci cherishes his time in the courtroom as well as his work with his community and time with his family.

Connect with Mark Bocci at: markrbocci@me.com

Or connect further with Jack at: https://settlepro.com

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