Anthony V. Alfieri

Position: SVP, In House Counsel, SPI Holdings, Inc. and Settlement Planner & Settlement Guardian ad Litem, Settlement Professionals, Inc. of Washington
Location: Seattle, Washington
Phone: 425-497-8000
Certifications: Juris Doctor, Registered Settlement Planner and Certified Medicare Secondary Payer Professional

Anthony V. Alfieri has worked with plaintiffs and their attorneys since joining Settlement Professionals, Inc. in 2001. Additionally, he is a practicing personal injury attorney whose top-notch educational and professional background enhances his ability to provide outstanding settlement planning advice and services for plaintiffs across the nation.

A passionate defender of plaintiffs’ rights, Anthony has directly participated in initiatives to improve the rights of claimants in structured settlement transactions. Most notably, petitioning the United States Treasury Department to publish literature authorizing the use of qualified or designated settlement funds for single claimant settlements.

Anthony earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Gonzaga University in 1991, and his Juris Doctor degree from Gonzaga School of Law in 1994. He earned his Registered Settlement Planners (RSP) designation in 2009 and his Certified Medicare Secondary Payer designation in 2015.

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