Mark Wahlstrom

Mark Wahlstrom

Position: President, SPI Mass Torts Division and Settlement Planner, Settlement Professionals, Inc. of Arizona
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: 480-478-0183

Mark Wahlstrom is recognized as a pioneer in the specialty of settlement planning. For more than 30 years, Mark’s made it his life’s work and mission to expand the practice of settlement planning. Furthermore, he has worked to spread it across the country and into every trial lawyer’s practice.

Mark firmly believes every injured plaintiff or their family should have access to competent, unbiased, highly professional and specialized planning. Particularly, planning that takes into account the unique nature of each client’s financial recovery.

Mark is a recognized leader in the handling of mass tort and multi-claimant settlements through the creative application of Qualified Settlement Funds and IRC Section 468B Trusts. In fact, many leading national mass tort firms, as well as established regional trial lawyers, engage Mark for these services. Many also utilize his expertise in managing client settlement planning, structured legal fees and deferred compensation programs for trial lawyers.

Mark fought for two decades to curtail the now discredited practice of defendants mandating settlement terms and investment choices to unrepresented or uninformed plaintiffs. As a result of his and other dedicated planners’ efforts, plaintiffs and their attorneys now have the right to engage their own settlement expert to help them design settlements that specifically suit them and their needs.

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