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Something Huge is Coming in Structured Annuities

During a surprise spur-of-the-moment Zoom call late last week, I was invited to an exclusive, highly-guarded meeting in New York City on December 7th, where a truly revolutionary structured settlement annuity product will be unveiled. This product will work for both plaintiff structures and plaintiff lawyer structured fees.

My host said that I was their first call (among a handful of industry leaders), and there will be a few others in attendance. Among the “few others” are members of the team that have been working on this brand new structured annuity product for the past 2+ years. These are people from Franklin Templeton, Bank of America, Dominion Trust, Kohlberg Kravis, and Hanover Reinsurance—financial heavyweights—every one of them.

By NDA, and until December 9th, I can’t tell you exactly what this new product is, or how it works to deliver back-tested returns of 6% annually with an absolute, iron-clad guarantee against loss.

However, if you or a client are considering options for structuring a settlement or fees you may receive on or before December 31st, you will want to stay tuned for my next email with more details…​

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